Jackson & Burke Railroad

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Early last century, the ET&WNC built a fleet of wooden hoppers, similar to this one.

Many years ago, I built a similar model, using scale lumber from Kappler.

The problem with using the scale lumber is that it's not the right size.

For instance, I used 2"x9" lumber for the sides. This gives you a side height of 45", but the prototype was 48".  I know, not a lot of difference, but enough to throw things off. So, this time I decided I'd build a fleet of four hoppers and they would be closer to scale. That means each board is a scale 9.6" wide. Not a LOT of difference, but I will have the right height.

I will also be able to cut the vertical posts to exactly fit the Ozark castings; previously I had used 3"x3" and they are a bit too small.

I bought a bunch of basswood from MicroMark and proceed to first built the frame.

I cut some 1/4" basswood to be 8" wide. I used foamed PVC to build a nice jig and quickly glued 4 frames in place.

Weight and clamps are used to make sure that everything dries flat.

While these were drying I decided to make the gear mechanism for lowering the doors.

It is only on the one side. I started with some ratchet and pawl castings from Ozark and cut the gears out by grinding from behind.


A few scraps of styrene and NBW casting and I've got a reasonable facsimile.

There are 2 per side; I need a total of 8 of these for my four cars.