Jackson & Burke Railroad

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Refrigerator Cars

These were also known as "Reefers".   Back in the day, they had ice hatches - and used ice to keep things cool.   I have 6 reefers in operation, although two of them are ventilated boxcars.

One of my first scratchbuilt cars - it's closer to 1:22, as I had not yet fully convert to 1:20.  

It still works, but it's just a smaller car.

I made this express reefer from a PNG 40' refrigerator kit

Ultimately, it proved too long for convenient operation on my little railroad and it went to Littleton, MA to run on Bob's Nashoba Valley Transportation Company.


A Phil’s Narrow Gauge 30’ Reefer kit, lettered for Richard Smith’s Port Orford Coast.


An AMS reefer.   I painted the roof walk to look like unpainted wood and added some light weathering.

I picked this up at a great sale price.   These have an MSRP of $125; I got it for $45.