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My first boxcar was an AMS boxcar, in 1:20 scale.  
It’s a very nicely detailed model and led the way to my total conversion to 1:20 scale.
I re-lettered it for the J&B.

This is another AMS car.   
I lettered it for Doug Matheson’s Northland Railroad in Ottawa, Canada.   
I met Doug via the Internet and he introduced me to operations in Canada.

This one was made from a Phil Dippel kit.   
It’s lettered for Fred Mill’s IPP&W railroad in Ottawa, Canada.  
We visit there annually to operate on his large outdoor layout.

I scratch-built a couple of these all styrene boxcars based upon an East Broad Top (EBT) prototype.   
Most of it is styrene with wood roof walk and brass grab irons and ladder.

An article detailing how to build this was published  in the August 2007 issue of Garden Railways.

Another scratch built boxcar, this one used cast resin ends that I got from Bob McCown at LargeScaleCentral.    

Bob McCown at Large Scale Central offered a “semi-kit” to model an EBT all steel boxcar.  
The kit consists of clear acrylic panels that form the basic box including the roof.   
He provided a set of instructions to build up the rest of the car using readily available styrene shapes.

It was quite an enjoyable project!

Another AMS boxcar, picked up because I couldn’t resist the sales price.

I painted the roofwalk to look like unpainted wood and added my magnetic glad hands and some light weathering.

I scratch-built this ventilated boxcar using an AMS flatcar as a base.
It’s lettered for Mike Oates’ Cheaspeake Western.   
Mike was a frequent operator on the J&B.

Another scratch-built boxcar using an acrylic form.

This one is lettered for Ric Golding’s Kaskaskia Valley Railway.

A scratch built boxcar using an acrylic form.

I used Evergreen scribed siding , built ladders, doors, and added the outside reinforcement.

This one is lettered for Andy Clarke’s Bluestone Southern.

A scratch built boxcar using an acrylic form with wood sheathing.   

Lettered for Ralph Dipple’s Thames Valley in Canada.

Another scratch built boxcar using an acrylic form with wood sheathing.  

This one is lettered for Andy Clarke’s Bluestone Southern.

The fourth scratch built boxcar on an acrylic form with wood sheathing.

This one uses vinyl lettering from Jon Radder’s Candlewood Valley Scenic Railway.

This one was built using a AMS flatcar for the base and then adding scribe siding for roof and walls.

It is lettered for Bob McCown's Nashoba Valley Transportation Company.

An "Operations Quality" Boxcar, donated to Bob McCown (owner of Large Scale Central) as thanks for running the site.

Bob came up with decals for the 17th Anniversary of Large Scale Central, so I bought a set and scratch built a boxcar for them.

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