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I've wanted a logging caboose for quite some time.  I have 3 other cabooses, but they're really for my regular freight trains.
I wanted something with a different look for logging.   Hartford Products makes a "Hobart Estates" model, but, Hartford has a few issues.  First, they're not cheap.  The kits are nice, but they're not as sturdy as some of my other stock.  But what's left?  I was trying not to spend any money and wondered if I could build something with what I had in the shop.
As I was looking around my shop, I took another look at an old low side gondola I had put together a few years ago from a Don Winter kit.  It's a short car and doesn't really fit in with with my current scheme of freight cars.

I wondered if it could be the base for a caboose.  
I did some quick sketches and cut some boards for framing.
I was originally planning to model a detailed interior, so I built up a realistic looking frame.  
I later decided that I would seldom see the interior; I’m much more interested in using the caboose in operations.

I stripped the sides from the gondola and then glued the frames in place.

The scrapbox yielded some basswood that was just about the right size for the siding.
OK, it's not tongue-in-groove, but it contributes to the rough look I wanted.
A cupola was constructed and put in place.
I painted some red where the window glazing would cover the wood.

The cupola was covered and then I added the roof pieces.  
I used thin strips of wood.
I decided to build the railings out of some brass rod and brass strip that I had on hand.  
I added a safety chain between them between the railings.

I built the smoke stack from some brass tubing and brass strip.
The roof was covered with a thin fabric and painted black.
Decals were applied and a final coat of dead flat clear was applied.
It’s now ready to roll.

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