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It all started in May of 2010.   Well, it probably started even way before that.
In 2008, Bob and I had visited Ottawa under the auspices of the American Invasion that summer.   
During that session, we discussed the need  for an easy to use Train Operations program that could produce switch lists for our small outdoor railroads.
From that discussion, TrainOps (the software program) was born.  

TrainOps - Prequel
Now step ahead a few years, and Bob was having trouble getting his railroad running right - it was just too much work for one person to maintain.
So, in May 2010, he invited a bunch of us over to help him improve his railroad, and get it running right so we could have an operating session.
Since that time, TrainOps (the Train Operating Session) has become an annual event.

TrainOps 2010
The first “official” TrainOps was held on September 26, 2010.   This was a direct result of our work session held earlier in May.

TrainOps 2011
What a grand time! We arrived late Friday afternoon and headed over to check out the changes in person.
It's one thing to see pictures of  the changes, but they always look better in person.
I really like the  freight house and the car ferry.

TrainOps 2012
What a delightful weekend! It just doesn't get any better than this.  Saturday dawned...or might have if the rain hadn't been pouring down.  
But, by the time we were due over at Bob's it was already starting to  clear. Bob has done a LOT of work since I last year and it really  showed! Very impressive and a fun layout to operate on.

TrainOps 2013
This year, Bob decided to move TrainOps from September to August - it should give us a bit more daylight to operate.
Jean and I arrived Thursday afternoon as we wanted to do some  birdwatching Friday morning.  

TrainOps 2015
We return after missing last year and it is quite the fun event.

Jean and I arrived Thursday afternoon as we wanted to do some  birdwatching Friday morning.  

TrainOps 2016
Another great year!  
Jean and I arrived Thursday afternoon and head out to Walden Pond on Friday morning.

TrainOps 2017
The fun continues.   

TrainOps 2019
We missed last year as we were on a Family Reunion Cruise, so it was great to see everyone again this year.    Since we were last here, the date has been moved from August to July - and NOW we got to see the garden in bloom!

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