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The Layout through the Years



I started my original layout, a simple loop in my backyard.

It sure helped to have battery powered locomotives to start with.

I acquired a number of kits and the Bachmann Anniversary edition 10 wheeler.


I continue to build more models to populate the layout.

I keep all of my buildings, but slowly convert my rolling stock fleet to 1:20.

This year I continued to build new models, but I also started thinking about a new design for my track plan.  

I wanted a layout that would be more condusive to operations.

I build my rolling stock carriers, a bobber caboose, a light inspection car, and upscaled my 10 wheeler to 1:20.

This is the year that I started a complete rebuild of the layout as we had fenced in the entire back yard which gave me a lot more room for the railroad.  In May, I tear up the old layout and start the new one.   The old one used AristoCraft sectional track, the new one uses AMS flex track.

I build the boxcab, a speeder shed, a GRAMPS tankcar, an all styrene boxcar, a turntable,  some bridges and trestles, and I design and build some switchstands.


I continue to develop the layout, but it's pretty much operational now.

I acquired my live steam Shay.

I also build: a composite boxcar, Matheson Textiles, 6 all steel boxcars,  a Mogul, a MotorCar, and I build a new light inspection car.

This year I redid the body of the motor car, built a reefer and a logging caboose, develop my magnetized glad hands, built a bank, Salmons Produce, McCown Freight, Hardware and Cafe, and a yard office, and also built 2 PNG drop bottom gondolas for Doug.   I win a White Pass & Yukon tank car from Garden Railways.

I build a ventilated boxcar, start work on a Mikado, make my first acrylic based boxcar, and I rebuild my 10 wheeler.

I completed my Mikado, build a custom parlor car, add more acrylic based boxcars, and a long caboose.

I build more acrylic based boxcars, Buchanan Tool & Die, see the end of the Miracle Chair Company, and build C.M. Oates Furniture.

I build the Sludge Works, and a brass critter.

I build the Reefer, 3 Shops, and a Grocery store.

I built Chandler Furniture (a building for Andy and Jane's BS Southern), a boxcar, and a building for the Nashoba Valley (Bob McCown's RR)

I built the Firehouse.   Other than that, a pretty slow year for the layout.  
Not too many pictures, either.

I built the replacement for Brunt Interchange, added an "Operations Quality" boxcar, a 17th Anniversary of LSC Boxcar, and performed a lot of maintenance.

Mostly a year of maintenance, but I did build a viaduct to replace a rotting trestle.

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