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Log Cars

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I wanted some log cars for my Shay to haul around.

I found some log skeleton kits from Don Winter and built a half dozen of them.

They are nice kits with great castings and neatly cut wood for the frame.

I originally glued the logs in place using silicone cement.   

However, I also wanted to pull some empty log cars, so I really needed a way to make the logs easily removable, yet also be secure when running loaded.

I purchased some diametrically magnetized cylinders ( 1/8” diameter by 1/4” long) from KJ Magnetics.   
This means they stick to the sides, not the ends.

I found that the brass chain I had was not pure brass at all - in fact the magnets stuck to it so I could use them to secure the loads.

I cut some 1/8” inside diameter aluminum tubing to act as a holder for the magnet.   
I punched an end of the tube to not only compress it, but act as an attachment point for the chain.

There are two chains on each end of the log car and I put magnets on each chain end.   
This allows me to tighten up the chain, no matter how many logs I put on the car.  
The magnets are quite strong and keeps the logs secure.  I can even pick the car up by just the logs.

When I remove the logs, I just gather the chains together so that they don’t fall down on to the track.

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