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This caboose started as an acrylic form that I got from Andrè Schofield.  
His forms come with the windows cut out, but I wanted to use the acrylic for the windows;  I reversed the side pieces to allow for this.
I covered each side with scribed wooden sheets cut to length and with the window openings cut out.

Then, each window was framed with small wood strips, cut to fit.
The doors are built up on top of the acrylic and framed with wood strips.

Railings and ladders were constructed from brass strip and rod, soldered together.   
This creates a nice sturdy assembly that is strong enough to withstand normal handling.
The roof was made from styrene sheet covered with thin material from a fabric store.

A smokestack was created from brass tubing and sheet.
Grab irons were bent to shape and eye pins used to reinforce the corners.
The body was brush painted using acrylic paint.

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