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A long, long time ago, in a distant state (OK, it was just Pennsylvania), Ken Brunt had a ground level garden railroad.   It had some very interesting switching challenges but time was beginning to take its toll.   So, Ken decided to build a new layout - this time it would be elevated and designed for operations.   So much so that he could now host an operations session and invite more than two people!

So, Ken Ops was born.   That was as nifty as the name would be for awhile, until Ric Golding got it to just be KOPS!

The first "official" KOPS began in 2017, but we didn't get there until 2018.   There were a LOT of visitors.   Some from Canada, others from Illinois, Connecticutt, Virginia...  

The third year for KOPS and it has matured into a very nice operating session.

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