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I had purchased some journals and needed a model.
I wanted a “tiny” caboose, but something based on a real prototype.  
This is an ET&WNC caboose #205 from around 1910.  
It seemed to fit the bill.

Photo from “Along the ET&WNC - Volume V” by Johnny Graybeal

It all started with a request to Phil Dippel for some scribed siding.  

I was planning on building this from scratch.   

I sent Phil some drawings of what I was trying to build.  

Well, one thing led to another and pretty soon Phil had basically created a kit for me.  

Rumor has it that he will a series of 4 wheel cars, each about 10” to 12” in length.   

Here are the laser cut parts that I got from Phil.

As per his standard practice with his kits, the caboose frame is already assembled and very square.

Each of the walls are made from two pieces, an inside and an outside.

Hard to tell here, but I scribed the insides and painted them with a very pale green.

I painted the outside red and then installed the windows.  

Each window is made of an inside and an identical outside piece with plastic inbetween.   

I framed the windows with stripwood.

To the right, you see the cupola and a painted end.  
The cupola seemed a bit flimsy until I got the windows glued in place.  
It will eventually be covered by a thin skin that is already cut to give it a finished look.    
I just have to add the doorknob to the end piece, as the windows and doors are all trimmed out.

Well, it’s starting to look a lot more like a caboose now.  
I have to figure out how to do the steps as well as finish the brake rigging.  
The ladders and railings are painted and ready to install.
Need to cover the roof and bend some grabirons.

The roof has been covered.

The railings and grab irons have been bent and are ready to be blackened.   
Right now, they’re just in a position for a test fit.   
When complete, I’ll make sure that there is an equal amount of space all along the grab irons.
I still have to do the steps and the brake rigging.  

Finally complete!  
It was pretty easy adding the cast railings and ladders.   
I also added a safety chain between the railings.  The blackened grab irons make it look a lot nicer.

I put a dark wash over the entire caboose to take away some of the “new” look.

I added coupler lift bars and the glad hands for connecting the air brakes.  

I still need to think about an interior.

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